We’re Sofya and Jane, a daughter and mum team, based in Switzerland.  Sofya is a Swiss team climber and has been competing internationally since 2013.  She is also a student at the University of Lausanne studying a Bachelor’s in Forensic Sciences.  Jane has been a full-time mum for many years and likes to keep busy.  


Together we came up with the idea to create a website where we sell casual clothing branded with our own logo.   The profits from which will help finance Sofya’s life as a student athlete.

We designed the logo using a photo of Sofya to create the silhouette:

And since all Sofya wants to do is ‘Just Climb’, it was rather easy finding a name…

Sofya’s goal is to compete at The Olympics in 2020.  Sports climbing will be represented for the first time and it’s an exciting prospect to work towards.  The Just Climb website will also be used as a blog where you can read about Sofya, the climbing community, and her ups and downs along the way.

Thanks for reading!

Sofya and Jane